Spyder is an international performance apparel brand with iconic, innovative product design.

Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, Spyder apparel and accessories can be found worldwide in over 40 countries. Spyder pioneered its first padded ski sweater in 1978, and sponsored the US Ski Team since 1989. With thoughtfully designed, purposeful collections, Spyder fuses technology, form, function and fashion.


Spyder website

Spyder Lifestyle and Garment Images 2020


Spyder Corporate Catalogue 2024 (pdf)


Spyder must be co-branded and not sold blank to retailers and end users

Spyder is a well-known international retail brand. Spyder apparel purchased must be resold co-branded with a decoration. Sale of Spyder on the internet or elsewhere without co-branding decoration is strictly forbidden. Failing to comply with these policies will result in loss of privileges for selling the Spyder brand. 

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