Craghoppers Expert Collection

Who We Are 

Back in 1965, Craghoppers started like most epic adventures do. A couple of competitive outdoor enthusiasts and a few new ambitious ideas. The team felt like they were embarking on an exciting and at times perilous trip into the unknown. Looking back, their perseverance paid off and Craghoppers is now recognised as a global outdoor and adventure travel specialist.

Introducing new designs, using the latest technologies, keeping sustainability at the heart of everything they do, Craghoppers Expert range offers the very best performance for all day wear at the workplace - wherever that may be!

A collection of clothing and accessories for professionals working in the outdoors.

Our Emblem - The Mouflon

The spirit of Craghoppers is embodied by the mouflon ram, one of the hardiest animals in the world, thriving in inhospitable mountain environments.

Born nomads, the mouflon rarely stays in one place for long, constantly wandering and exploring new territories. This is brought to life with the Craghoppers mouflon logo.


Our mission is to make our clothing and product as sustainable as possible.

We are doing what we can, where we can, to look after our planet. We are committed to creating great products in a sustainable way and to making positive progress every year and we are bringing our factories and suppliers along with us on the journey.

We call this Mindfully Made. It's our commitment to doing better every day.


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