Giblor's HO.RE.CA - Hospitality, Restaurant, Cafe collections are elegant and functional garments with commitment to detail, quality and style.

Giblor’s HO.RE.CA. Collections available now.


Giblor's Healthcare / Wellness & Beauty collections are developed to support the commitment of those who work for the well-being of their patients. Comfortable garments designed to offer protection and functionality, but also durability, with a wide variety of contemporary styles, fabrics and colours. Taking care of others is a task that requires dedication and energy.

Giblor’s Healthcare / Wellness & Beauty Collections available now.


Italian family driven company!


Roots that sink into the land that has always been linked to the world of fashion and the quality of "Made in Italy". Our journey begins in Carpi, more than 40 years ago, when Roberto and Loris Giberti invested their enthusiasm in the small family tailoring company. The desire was to mix an artisan matrix and a curious mind for the latest trends and style.
An adventure that grows over time, three generations: fathers, children and grandchildren, all united by detail to the quality of products and customer wishes. Today that commitment and passion has led us to be amongst the main market leaders in this area of expertise.
For this reason, every day, with dedication and constant growth in quality standards, we at Giblor's are looking towards a future full of new ideas.


We dream of a world in which all professionals, dress in the high quality and innovative technologies of Giblor's garments, to better express themselves.


Designing and producing excellence in professional apparel with the same passion and creativity that has distinguished us in the market for over forty years.


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Giblor's Chef HO.RE.CA. Catalogue 2024 (pdf)

Giblor's Health and Wellness Catalogue 2024 (pdf)


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