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From the collective of all our Brands, we want everyone to understand the importance of environmentally friendly and socially responsible Brands that we work with. These Brands have in their range:

Recycled, Organic, Sustainable, Ethical Eco-Apparel, Headwear, Bags & Accessories for all of us to promote and wear with pride! #SustainablyMade


Pure Waste 

Click here for recycled apparel available

Click here to learn about Pure Waste

Click here for the recycled apparel 2022 catalogue

Click here to watch the Pure Waste numbers video

Click here for the Pure Waste Sustainability report 2020


James & Nicholson and Myrtle Beach

Click here for sustainable apparel and headwear available

Click here for the organic apparel & accessories 2019 catalogue

Click here for the new 2022 products catalogue - organic and recycled sportswear, workwear, headwear & accessories

Click here for the new 2022 products webpage


US Blanks

Click here for sustainable apparel available

Click here for the complete range 2021 catalogue

Click here for the sustainable apparel 2021 catalogue


HALFAR® – The Bag Expert

Click here for Halfar 2021 eco range of bags

Click here for Halfar sustainability blog

Click here for Halfar organic range of bags

Click here for the new 2021 products catalogue - recycled PET, recycled cotton, organic cotton bags & accessories 

Click here for the Halfar Sustainability report 2018



Recover Brands

Click here for Recover Brands sustainability tips

Click here for recycled and eco-friendly apparel available

Click here for the recycled apparel 2021 catalogue


Click here to watch Recover videos (Recover yarn is used in US Blanks recycled apparel as well)